Media preparation and distribution system

Feeding & perfusion system

Bioreactor system integration

CIP/SIP system integration 

Harvest and filtration integration

Upstream process system

Buffer preparation, storage and distribution system

Chromatography system integration

CIP/SIP system

Deep filtration, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration skid and integration

Downstream process system

PCS7 Batch

Emerson Delta V

Or customer preference

Process automation system
Biopharma Process


First 10000L scale upstream and downstream process turnkey project for antibody production in China (PCS7+Batch)

  • Medium Prep.

  • Medium Storage

  • Boundary Integration with Bio-reaction Train

  • Buffer Prep.

  • Buffer Storage

  • Harvest and filtration

  • Purification skids

  • Purification integration (Chroma, inline preparation)