Benchtop Bioreactor/ Fermenter

Benchtop Bioreactor

Benchtop Fermenter

Benchtop Bioreactor


Cell line screening

Process development

Scale-up and Scale down study

Seed expansion

Small scale manufacture

Cell bank production

Media optimization

  • 1vs2 design saves space and can support hardware customization

  • Customized impeller (Marine, Roston, pitched paddle, etc.)

  • 8 TMFCs to keep precise control of gas volume

  • Tank volume from 1L to 10L

  • 8 feeding pumps to support complex cascading

  • I/O interface supports PAT expansion

  • Pipeline storage design to keep tidy



Benchtop bioreactor project

  • Innovative bioprocess development platform

  • Intelligent control, easy to use

  • Module configuration, expansion freely

  • Simplify design to save space